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Simply Organic is committed to helping nourish the millions of food insecure in the United States and Canada through the Simply Organic Giving Fund, and supporting organic agricultural development and grower communities as part of Frontier Co-op.

The Simply Organic Giving Fund Grant Program

especially persistent and critical, but that is often overlooked or misunderstood: food insecurity. We’re working to help organizations across the United States and Canada to nourish the millions of food insecure in our communities by supporting organizations that provide access to healthy, organic food options. 

Our grant recipients for this year are: Coastal Roots Farm, Emergency Food Network, Project Worthmore, Feed Iowa First and Matthew 25. Learn more about each of these organizations and past grant recipients below.

    Organic Apprenticeship Scholarship 

    Simply Organic and Frontier Co-op also jointly support a continuing scholarship in the farming apprentice program at the University of California Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems. The tuition scholarships help develop the nex

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    Simply Organic's Giving History 

    Providing consumers the opportunity to use their buying power to support the environmental and social values of organic agriculture has always been part of Simply Organic. Since 2001, we've given back more than $2 million to supporting organic agricultural development and grower communities, including:

    • Helping growers in developing countries produce and market certified organic products.
    • Building training centers that teach organic agriculture methods and wells that bring fresh water to villages; supporting schools, meal programs and other social projects in grower communities.
    • Supporting U.S. organic research and education projects, scholarships in sustainable agriculture, and organic-growing-based social organizations such as urban gardens and community food banks.
    Matthew 25

    Matthew 25, in nearby Cedar Rapids, is a local nonprofit organization with a variety of programs to strengthen neighborhoods, such as home repair, youth education, and food culture initiatives.

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    Ceres Community Project

    The Ceres Community Project is a California non-profit that supports low-income people living with serious health challenges and empowers teens to cook healthy meals and serve their communities.

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    Feed Iowa First

    Feed Iowa First uses donated plots of land surrounding local churches and businesses to grow fresh, organic produce for local food pantries. Last year Feed Iowa First produced and donated over 40,000 pounds of organically grown produce.

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