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Mother Earth Farm

Located in Washington’s pristine Puyallup Valley, Mother Earth Farm is an 8-acre organic farm dedicated to relieving hunger with nutritious, organic food. The farm harvests and distributes more than 100,000 pounds of fresh produce to local food pantries every year, offering more than 100 varieties of highly desired fruits and vegetables to pantry guests from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

Since 2019, the Community Garden at Mother Earth’s Lakewood campus has provided fresh, locally grown produce to low-income residents who lack access to a nearby food pantry. At both Mother Earth Farm and the Community Garden, organic farming practices help conserve water, promote healthy soil and create habitats for native pollinators.

Mother Earth Farm will receive a $45,000 grant from Simply Organic in 2022 to continue growing a diverse selection of produce that meets the wide-ranging needs of pantry guests and celebrates their unique culinary cultures.

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