The Land Connection

The Land Connection is an Illinois non-profit that believes successful, sustainable farmers can lead the way to a future of healthy food, restored environments, and equitable economies. They envision community-based food systems in which every farmer has the opportunity to grow food in a sustainable manner, and every person can access local and organic foods.


The group offers a spectrum of programs that provide the training, support, and community connections farmers need to succeed. The offer both workshop for those exploring the idea of having their own farm and their Central Illinois Farm Beginnings program for those ready to start a farm business with a solid foundation for success.


In addition to training farmers, The Land Connection informs the public about the sources of their food and why that matters. They also work to protect and enhance farmland so that future generations will have clean air and water, fertile soil, and a source for healthy, delicious food.


The Simply Organic Giving Fund donated $10,000 to The Land Connection in 2017 to support their work connecting communities, farmers and the land.

Simply Organic Giving Fund

Simply Organic products support a wide variety of organic and sustainable farming communities through the Simply Organic Giving Fund. Simply Organic has provided more than 1.5 million dollars of support to organic causes since 2001 and is having a remarkable impact both here in the U.S. and internationally.


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