NORWAY, IOWA (June 19, 2018) – Simply Organic is fulfilling the unmet need for premium coffee flavorings that do not contain artificial ingredients or added sweeteners with the introduction of the new Simply Organic Pre-Brew Coffee Spices. The Pre-Brew Coffee Spices allow consumers to brew rich spice flavors right into fresh coffee by simply adding the Pre-Brew Coffee Spices to freshly ground coffee before brewing.

Simply Organic Pre-Brew Coffee Spices are additive-free and expertly crafted organic spices that enable the consumer to individualize their coffee experience and brew a customizable cup of flavorful coffee in the comfort of their home.


Whether consumers percolate, pour-over, press or cold-brew, the Simply Organic Pre-Brew Coffee Spices can be paired with any preferred coffee brand, roast and brewing technique to complement current coffee consumption. With four individual flavor profiles, consumers can add just a pinch to coffee grounds for an aromatic nuance, or a spoonful for a more forward flavored. The spice blends have a suggested retail price of $8.49.

  • Awaken Spices— Fire up your morning with subtly aromatic fennel and bright anise, selected to harmonize with the roasted notes of darker coffee beans.
  • Chai Spices—With underlying notes of anise, black pepper and cloves, this chai blend infuses an unexpected dimension of flavor in coffee, with fennel, ginger and cinnamon elements that stand up next to bold, dark-roast beans.
  • Cinnamon Spices—Bring the warmth of cinnamon and the zest of orange peel to your coffee, blended to life and balance the acidic taste in most brews. A great accent to heighten citrusy notes in light-roast beans.
  • Pumpkin Spices—Why wait for autumn to enjoy that crave able coffee flavor? This delicious blend delivers the complex flavor of clove, the vivid presence of ginger and the familiar comfort of cinnamon, creating your favorite coffee shop treat right at home.

Since our founding, Simply Organic has had an unwavering commitment to offering a wide selection of organic seasonings, giving back to growers and our community. Our organic spices are sourced, whenever possible, directly from growers who cultivate crops that help sustain their local communities, always grown ethically and sustainably.


Samples and high-resolution images are available upon request. 


Learn more at:  https://www.simplyorganic.com/community/new-products/pre-brew-coffee-spices.




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