Norway, Iowa (Jan. 20, 2015) — Getting a wholesome weeknight dinner on the table with time to spare is a cinch with Simply Organic's new Steam Gourmet steam-in-parchment kits. These newly launched meal kits offer a simple way to prepare a delicious meal at home with style, ease and confidence.

Blending Simply Organic's spice expertise with a time-proven cooking style, the steam-in-parchment kits provide a way for people to create a homemade meal and still have time to do the things they love outside of the kitchen — without sacrificing taste or quality.

"Consumers get a perfectly seasoned, wholesome meal with minimal prep plus an easy clean up," said Ellen Bouchard, senior brand manager, Simply Organic. "We call that combination a weeknight win."

Simply Organic's carefully crafted organic seasonings and parchment bags are the key to mastering this French culinary style of cooking called, "en papillote," which involves sealing food in parchment paper to cook in the oven with steam.

"The parchment bags seal in the dish's flavor and the aroma of our organic spices, leaving you with a moist and delicious meal," added Bouchard. "It's as simple as season, steam and savor."

Steam Gourmet contains two seasoning packets and two parchment bags to make two complete entrees that serve four (each). Sprinkle seasoning mixes on your favorite meat or vegetable, seal the seasoned ingredients inside the parchment wrap, and place in the oven. In 30 to 40 minutes, dinner is complete without the addition of fats or oils.

Kits are available in four flavors:

Garlic-n-Herb Chicken

Paprika Chicken

Sesame Ginger Salmon

Cajun Chicken

Look for Steam Gourmet in stores nationwide and online now. Learn more at www.simplyorganic.com/steam-gourmet/

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