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Extraordinary Spices from Extraordinary Places

We curated our favorite, single-origin organic spices and herbs into one game-changing collection: Single Origin by Simply Organic®.

From wildcrafted Spanish rosemary to vine-ripened Sri Lankan black peppercorns. Discover distinctive spices and herbs, perfected by their terroir.



What "Single Origin" Means — And Why It Matters

Single Origin by Simply Organic is all about getting specific with exactly where our organic spices come from. What’s so special about that?


Our single origin organic spices and herbs each bring their unique aroma and flavor profiles, shaped by their terroir (environmental conditions like the soil or weather) and can’t be replicated by imitators. Every bottle of Single Origin by Simply Organic starts with organic farmers and harvesters we trust. They rely on our steady partnership, which, in some cases, stretches back decades. And we rely on their ability to bring potent, nuanced flavors you can’t grow just anywhere.

There are other upsides too: you get consistent quality, you know exactly where your spice comes from, and you can trust that organic certification means no use of synthetic pesticides, ethylene oxide (ETO) or irradiation.

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Cinnamon Scented Vietnamese Iced Coffee Single Origin by Simply Organic


Exacting Flavors For Exacting Cooks

Take your cooking to the next level with Single Origin organic spices, selected for their distinctive profiles.

Create globally inspired dishes like Spanish Gazpacho with help from stone-milled Spanish Paprika and wild-crafted Spanish Rosemary. Or elevate your morning cup of coffee with Sri Lankan Cinnamon, prized for its subtle sweetness and woody-floral notes.



Single Origin by Simply Organic Recipes

California Garlic Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad


Spanish Paprika Gazpacho




Get a Taste of Single Origin by Simply Organic with Our 3 Pack
Get a Taste of Single Origin by Simply Organic with Our 3 Pack

Our 3 pack includes Californian Garlic, Turkish Cumin, and Vietnamese Cinnamon all in one convenient package.

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