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Recent Donations

The SO1% fund is spent each year in a variety of ways — sometimes on specific projects, sometimes for a special need within an organization. We do have some long time favorites we support from the fund every year.

Here are three organizations we regularly donate to because we believe strongly in their missions and recommend their work.

The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES). We have been a long-time participant and supporter of the nation’s largest organic farming conference held every February by MOSES. And in 2008, we awarded MOSES a $10,000 grant to support the launch of their Help Wanted: Organic Farmers Program. Learn more.

The Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF). We stepped up our support for the Foundation's work in 2002 with a major donation of $50,000. We have continued to support the Foundation’s research on organic farming methods. Learn more.

The Organic Center. We first donated to The Organic Center in 2004 when the organization was just getting started. In addition to our on-going support, the SO1% fund donated $30,000 in 2008 towards a Center project to research the collapse of honey bee hives. Learn more.

More recent donations:

:: Guatemala
:: Madagascar
:: Organic Center (The)
:: Organic Farming Research Foundation
:: Organic Training in Sri Lanka
:: Rooibos Tea
:: Training Farmers in India
:: UCSC Scholarship
:: Simply Organic Scholarship Recipients
:: Valley Verde

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