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Evelyn Rosas, the first recipient of our annual Simply Organic Scholarship

Meet Evelyn Rosas, the first recipient of our annual Simply Organic® Scholarship.

Simply Organic Scholarship Recipient: Evelyn Rosas

Evelyn Rosa's mission is to help provide access to fresh, affordable, organic food in urban areas. Her vision was fueled by the immense community impact of City Farm, a non-profit urban farm in Chicago, and — nearer to her home in Austin, Texas — Urban Roots, a non-profit farm program for youth. "My scholarship to the UCSC program enabled me to pursue my dream," she says.

EvelynEvelyn was an apprentice at CASFS 2010 to 2011, where she joined in the planting, cultivating, and harvesting of organic crops on a 25-acre farm. Immediately following the completion of her apprenticeship, Evelyn began a three-month internship at the Organic Farming Research Foundation in Washington, D.C. "I'm not shying away from farming," explained Rosas. "Rather, I'm becoming a more informed and active farmer, so I can better express the needs of organic farmers through advocacy groups while improving the availability of organically grown food to low-income households."

Working on organic farms around Austin for the two years previous to her apprenticeship, Evelyn developed a passion for sustainable farming. She describes her approach as growing things "chemical-free, pesticide-free, and with plenty of love."

Evelyn hopes to use what she learned from her apprenticeship to work towards improving sustainable and organic food access in communities in Austin that lack access to affordable fresh organic food.

We're honored to have the opportunity to help an aspiring young organic farmer achieve her goals, and we look forward to the day when her dream becomes a reality.

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