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The Organic Center

The Organic CenterWe support the Center and its mission:

”To generate credible, peer reviewed scientific information and communicate the verifiable benefits of organic farming and products to society.”

There is a growing amount of credible evidence on the benefits of organic farming practices and consuming certified organic products. The Organic Center takes a science-based approach to critically evaluating information on the environmental, social and health benefits of organic production. We believe the growing demand for organic products is threatening to some institutions and belief systems. This has led to the wide dissemination of misleading, inaccurate and negative information about organic production. The Center’s role is critical in helping to sort through and identify fact from fiction.

Simply Organic® Support

The Organic CenterOur total donations to the Organic Center since its inception in 2002 through 2009 are $60,000. Half of our donations have gone to support to general operations including research, staffing and publishing costs. In 2008 a $30,000 grant from the Simply Organic 1% fund funded a proposal from The Organic Center to investigate whether there was a link between bee colony collapse disorder and pesticide use. Pollination by bees is critical to the production of many crops and it is imperative that we identify the causes and develop solutions to save our honeybees.

Please visit the Organic Center's website for more information on resources and services they provide.

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