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Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES)

The Organic CenterThe Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) located in Spring Valley, WI, promotes sustainable and organic agriculture in the upper Midwest. MOSES serves farmers striving to produce high-quality, healthful food using organic and sustainable techniques. These farmers produce more than just food: they support thriving ecosystems and vibrant rural communities.

Frontier is a long time supporter of MOSES’ Organic Farming Conference, the largest organic farming conference in the country. From its humble beginning with 90 attendees twenty years ago, the 2009 conference in February attracted over 2,600 farmers, advocates, educators, and community members. The conference features many superb farming-related workshops in conjunction with a vendor tradeshow and time for networking with other farmers.

In 2008, Frontier’s $10,000 grant, along with grants from other organic companies, funded a new MOSES program called Help Wanted: Organic Farmers program. The program aims to help farmers interested in making the transition to organic production with a variety of free information sources including a farmer hotline.

Please visit the MOSES website for more information about projects, publications and resources.

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