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New Uses for Favorite Dressing Mixes

Simply Organic dressing mixes aren't merely convenient, they add delightful pizzazz to your fresh greens — if you haven’t tried them yet, you'll be surprised at the flavor they pack! Plus, you can easily store them in your pantry until they're needed, (no need to take up refrigerator space with all those bottled dressings).

With flavors ranging from vinaigrettes to classic Caesar and ranch, Simply Organic dressings are versatile enough to be used beyond a simple tossed salad. Try the traditional uses below, or turn each dressing mix into something unexpected and delicious.

Ranch Dressing

Ranch Mashed Cauliflower

Traditional use: The universally loved, tangy, garlicky, subtly-herbed flavor of ranch makes it about the most versatile dressing or dip there is. Try it on crudites, chips, fried appetizers, french fries, bread sticks — just about anything you can imagine.

New use: Season a simple cauliflower mash with Simply Organic Ranch Dressing to create a non-starchy stand-in for mashed potatoes.

Recipe: Ranch Mashed Cauliflower

Italian Dressing

Italian Grilled Vegetable Marinade

Traditional use: Essentially a slightly sweetened take on a traditional vinegar and oil vinaigrette, classic Simply Organic Italian Dressing ups the flavor ante with extra garlic, herb and pepper flakes to create a concentration of flavor intense enough to dress generous sized bowls of mixed salad greens.

New use: Mix for a grilling marinade.

Recipe: Italian Grilled Vegetable Marinade

Garlic Vinaigrette

Garlic, Rosemary and Orange Bread Dip

Traditional use: A garlic-infused classic vinaigrette is the universal, original, go-to salad dressing. The vinegar enhances the fresh flavor of greens, the oil adds richness and the garlic compliments the vegetal nature of the salad.

New use: Create a bread dip.

Recipe: Garlic, Rosemary and Orange Bread Dip

Orange Ginger Vinaigrette

Traditional use: Lemony-warm ginger contributes a unique spicy-sweet flavor to standard vinaigrette to make a dressing that is perfect for spinach and fruit salads.

Recipe: Strawberry, Spinach and Avocado Fruit Salad

New use: Combine prepared dressing with shredded carrots and chopped crystalized ginger for a spicy-sweet carrot slaw.

Classic Caesar

Chicken Caesar Kale Salad in a Jar

Traditional use: If you want to make a salad a main course, it's hard to beat umami-rich Simply Organic Caesar Dressing, which is the traditional way to dress and serve romaine lettuce in a Caesar salad.

New use: Substitute bright green kale for romaine.

Recipe: Chicken Caesar Kale Salad in a Jar

Pineapple Cilantro Vinaigrette

Traditional use: The regular vinegar of a classic vinaigrette is enhanced by the fruity-sweet tang of pineapple in this unique version of a traditional vinaigrette. The flavor provides a tantalizing twist for fruit salsas, picos and chutneys.

New use: Add to sauerkraut.

Recipe: Sauerkraut Salad

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