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Easter Made Easy

Easter Made Easy

What's on the menu this Easter? Whatever your plans, spices and seasonings — and a convenient Simply Organic Mix or two — can make the day's celebration special, thanks to delicious food that's easy and fun to put together.

Easter celebrations usher in the spring in fine fashion, with meaningful foods and rituals, both religious and secular. For Christians, this most important of holidays celebrates the resurrection of Christ and all that comes with religious renewal and salvation. On the secular front, Easter marks renewal, too — as well as new birth and all that's fresh and promising, from baby chicks to blooming lilies.

When it comes to food (a cornerstone of any good celebration!), Easter offers plenty of possibilities. Perhaps you'll celebrate with an intimate brunch with your partner and/or a traditional sit-down dinner for family and friends. With the help of some healthful, delicious Simply Organic mixes, you can make special food and still have plenty of time left over for your Easter rituals — whether they be hiding and hunting eggs and baskets, dyeing eggs, or donning your Sunday best for church and/or visiting.

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Brunch Possibilities

The best brunches are relaxed affairs, which means the cook can't be frazzled. Here are some impressive — yet easy to make — brunch options:

Two Easter classics, eggs and ham, partner for this Classic Eggs Benedict recipe.

Breakfast PotatoesShitake mushrooms and Grind to a Salt Seasoning partner to create these Breakfast Potatoes. Or toss diced potatoes with a Guacamole Dip Mix for the perfect Potatoes Rancheros.

Make this spicy Homemade Sausage the night before your buffet for an easy morning. Serve it alongside any egg, pancake, or waffle recipe.

Fruit Brunch Cups are perfect on the buffet or as a bright, sweet snack during the day on Easter.

For those who like their turnovers on the savory side, try these Spinach and Raw Cheddar Turnovers

And, of course, you'll want some recipes to use up those blown-out eggs left over from dyeing.

easter eggsThis Italian Egg Bake is perfect for Easter morning breakfast or the brunch table.

If you like your breakfast flavorful, use up some Easter eggs by making this scrumptious Fajita Omelet. (It makes a quick and nutritious lunch, too.)

If you have hard-boiled dyed eggs, this Deviled Eggs recipe will come in handy. Serve as a quick breakfast, on the brunch table, as an appetizer for Easter dinner, or as a healthful snack in mid-afternoon.

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Easter Dinner Options

If guests are arriving before dinner will be served, you'll want to have an appetizer or two on hand. Good (and easy to prepare) options include: Shrimp Dip, Spicy Snack Mix, and Spinach Crock Pot Dip.

A vegetable salad will set the stage for the changing seasons. This Summer Vegetable Salad includes a Mushroom Sauce Mix and mozzarella cheese.

Ham is traditional for an Easter main dish. You can easily make yours special with the addition of fruit and a Sweet Basil Pesto Mix in this recipe for Ham with Baked Pears. Other easy main dish options are Turkey Casserole, Stuffed Beef Tenderloin and, for the vegetarian, Tofu Bites.

Corn CasseroleGood side dish possibilities for any main dish include: Alfredo Green Beans (with green apple and Parmesan), Creamy Risotto (featuring Bearnaise Sauce Mix), Corn Casserole (seasoned to perfection with our Chicken Seasoning), Oven Roasted Garlic Vegetables (tossed with Roasted Garlic Spaghetti Sauce Seasoning Mix before roasting), and Baked Glazed Carrots (a lively version glazed with agave syrup and Spicy Taco Mix).

Fruit Chutney is a surprising, fun addition to the menu, and everyone will appreciate Tomato Basil Cheese Biscuits. (They would also be perfect for a brunch menu.)

For dessert, you might want to keep it simple (everyone has likely had plenty of sweets earlier in the day). Almond Cookies are simple, not-too-sweet treats, that seem to go well with any meal.

Whatever you choose to serve on Easter, if you focus on the fun of eating and hosting (sometimes more easily accomplished with the help of choice seasonings and convenient mixes), you're sure to keep in the celebratory spring spirit!

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