Product Recall

Frontier Natural Products Co-op

Voluntary Class 1 Recall Due to Possible Health Risk from Organic Black Peppercorns

Frontier Natural Products Co-op is committed to quality and to ensuring our customers know immediately of any hazardous or defective products. We take this responsibility very seriously.

We are currently issuing a voluntary recall of several products manufactured with organic black peppercorns that were sold between 8/9/13 and 4/3/14 under our Frontier, Simply Organic and additional brands listed below due to a potential for Salmonella contamination. To date, no illnesses have been associated with these products.

We are immediately initiating added precautions to the safety of the supply chain to mitigate any future occurrence.

BrandFull Product NameSize/WeightUPC CodeLot CodeBest ByImage
FrontierPeppercorns Black Whole Black Organic2.12oz0-89836-18435-13246Sept. 2016PDF
3288Oct. 2016
FrontierPeppercorns Black Whole Black Organic25lbs0-89836-82603-93226Aug. 2016PDF
3288Oct. 2016
FrontierPeppercorns Black Whole Black Organic16oz0-89836-02603-33256Sept. 2016PDF
Nature's PlaceBlack Peppercorn Whole Organic2.26oz7-25439-95273-63232Aug. 2016PDF
MeijerPeppercorns Black Organic2.26oz7-13733-78173-23233Aug. 2016PDF
3280Oct. 2016
SproutsPeppercorns Black Whole Organic2.12oz8-74875-00425-43246Sept. 2016PDF
3287Oct. 2016
Whole Foods Market 365 Everyday Value365 Organic Peppercorns, Black Whole2.12oz0-99482-44563-83246Sept. 2016PDF
3287Oct. 2016
Whole Foods Market 365 Everyday Value365 Peppercorns, Black Whole1.87oz0-99482-44497-63287Oct. 2016PDF
Whole Foods Market 365 Everyday Value365 Value Size Peppercorns, Black Whole8.08oz0-99482-44511-93260Sept. 2016PDF
3267Sept. 2016
Whole Foods Market 365 Everyday Value365 Organic Black Peppercorns2.12oz0-99482-73914-03247Aug. 2016PDF
Simply OrganicBlack Pepper Grinder75grams0-89836-19218-93260Sept. 2016PDF
Simply OrganicBlack Peppercorns Organic75grams0-89836-19210-33221Aug. 2016PDF
3262Sept. 2016
3294Oct. 2016
Simply OrganicBlack Pepper Whole Organic2.65oz0-89836-18524-23221Aug. 2016PDF
3262Sept. 2016
Simply OrganicDaily Grind, Certified Organic2.65oz0-89836-18263-03261Sept. 2016PDF

Please contact Frontier with any questions or to inquire about replacement or reimbursement
at 1-800-669-3275 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central time.

We apologize for this issue and thank you for your understanding and continued support of Frontier Natural Products Co-op.

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