Multicultural Refugee Coalition

New Leaf Agriculture

Multicultural Refugee Coalition is a nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas that provides dignified work with fair wages to refugees, immigrants and asylees. It creates employment opportunities through its two social enterprises: Open Arms Studio, a textile manufacturing studio, and New Leaf Agriculture, a Certified USDA Organic farm.

New Leaf Agriculture employs refugees from traditional farming cultures, providing meaningful, good-paying work that reconnects them to farming in their new communities. Most of its team members have been farming their whole lives, and at New Leaf, they are given a chance to use their expertise to nourish the Austin community with nutritious, organic food.

Multicultural Refugee Coalition will receive a $25,000 grant from Simply Organic in 2023 to support New Leaf Agriculture’s Traditional Provisions program which provides nutrient-dense, culturally desired produce to newly arrived refugees through weekly CSA programs and community networks.