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Summer Salads

It's summertime, and the living -- and cooking -- is easy. In fact, whipping up a salad from the produce you bring home from the farmers market, your local food co-op, or the bounty in your own garden is part and parcel of a natural summer lifestyle!

Salads can serve as main dishes or side dishes, and they can highlight one or two ingredients or celebrate an array of produce. Most require little if any cooking, thus eliminating the need for a hot stove on an already warm day. And concocting a salad is a fun way to express your creativity, experimenting with fusions of flavors and colors.

Conjuring up a salad is also a fun way to express your creativity. Here are a couple of salads that take advantage of fresh produce:


Avocado Strawberry Salad
Avocado, like its friend the tomato, serves as both a fruit and a vegetable. This allows it to pair well with all manner of both. Crunchy and soft, sweet and tart, every bite of this colorful vegetable/fruit salad is delightfully surprising.

Roasted Potato and Cucumber Salad
Many of us love to grow cucumbers, but we're at a loss come harvest time! Here's a tasty mix of cucumber and another summer favorite--red potatoes.

Make it a Meal

With the addition of pasta or grains you can turn your salad into a main dish:

Italian Fish and Pasta Salad
Protein and pasta combine in this flavorful mix. Serve outdoors with corn on the cob for a grand summer meal.

Curried Asian Salad
A little heat from curry--when it's in a salad-- can be just the thing to spice up a summer night!

Baked Orange Ginger Squash
As summer moves into fall, the squash appear--use them for this easy yet filling dish. It can be a meal in itself, or an accompaniment for something more substantial.

TexMex Black Bean Dinner Salad
Beans, corn, peppers and tomatoes served with a Mexican dressing provide a filling dinner dish.

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