Holistic Management International (HMI)

Holistic Management International (HMI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to healthy land and thriving agricultural communities through the sustainable practices of regenerative agriculture.


The group has been educating family farmers, ranchers and pastoralists in regenerative agricultural practices since 1984. They have helped growers around the world — in diverse areas such as Alaska, Finland, Brazil, South Africa and Australia — strengthen their businesses and local economies, while producing healthier food and protecting the environment.


HMI highlights six key aspects to the holistic management of agricultural land:


Addressing Climate Change through land sequestration and sustainable organic land management techniques to help keep more carbon in the ground and out of the atmosphere.


Using Consumers' Role in The Food Ecosystem by educating them to increase their demand for local, grassfed and organic food, which in turn shifts agriculture to those more sustainable practices.


Feeding the Soil through regenerative agricultural practices that put more organic matter and living organisms in the soil, enriching it and increasing its ability to retain water.


Growing More Nutritious Food by creating healthier soil that contains more minerals and nutrients.


Strengthening Local Economies through increased agricultural production and locally marketed food.


Restoring the Environment Through Reduced Soil Erosion — converting bare ground through regenerative agricultural practices to land where plants, mulch and micro-organisms are plentiful.


Improving Wildlife Habitat by feeding soil life so the soil is able to sustain a wide variety of plants, which feed more wildlife and provide them shelter.


The Simply Organic Giving Fund donated $3,500 to help HMI reach even more people with its message of holistic land management to regenerate and preserve our land and the agricultural communities that depend on it.



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