Bridging the Gap 

HASER is a Puerto Rican-based organization focused on combating a sharp decline in food security on the island. As the result of a socioeconomic crisis brought on by catastrophic weather events, more than half of Puerto Rico’s population is dependent on food stamps and around 85% of its food is currently imported. HASER’s network of community-based projects promotes the social well-being of rural communities by improving accessibility to farming, food and self-sufficiency.

One of HASER’s many initiatives is to bridge the gap between organic farmers and food insecure communities in rural Puerto Rico. The project combines the efforts of its Siembra Tres Vidas Farm with a network of local farmers to donate more than 28,000 lbs. of organic food to families in need.

HASER will receive a $15,000 grant from Simply Organic in 2022 to expand its network of local farmers and continue to combat food insecurity in Puerto Rico.

Click here to learn more about the important work HASER is doing in their community: https://www.hasercambio.org/en/main/