Georgia Organics

Georgia Organics is a member-supported, non-profit organization connecting organic food from Georgia farms to Georgia families. The group is an outgrowth of a grower’s association established in the 1970s that's now devoted to promoting community-based sustainable foods from local farms.


Georgia Organics believes a sustainable local food system is critical to the future of Georgia’s health, environment, and economy and seeks to build that system through grower education and outreach and by encouraging market opportunities for local food. The group has three key goals:

  1.  They are working to increase the number of organic and sustainable farmers in Georgia by providing training and mentoring to beginning farmers.
  2. They are trying to increase the number of Georgians eating local, organic food by partnering with community stakeholders to develop innovative and affordable ways to eliminate food deserts in cities and towns across the state.
  3. They want to increase the number of children participating in farm-to-school programs by working with school district leaders, school nutrition staff, educators, farmers and community members to create school gardens, serve locally sourced school meals and incorporate gardening and nutrition lessons into their curriculums.


The Simply Organic Giving Fund made a $10,000 donation to Georgia Organics.


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