Fleet Farming

Fleet Farming in Orlando, Florida is an urban agricultural non-profit with a mission to "empower all generations to grow food to increase local food accessibility." They achieve this by transforming lawns (one of the largest sources of pollution in the United States) into organic, sustainable farm plots that sell produce to local vendors within a 5-mile radius. Volunteers and interns travel by bicycle to engage in farming on these residential plots, supporting their local food system and learning first-hand how they might transform and farm their own land. 

An urban agriculture model like this also stimulates the local economy by providing interest to businesses that are joining in the local food movement. From restaurants integrating healthy, local food into their menus to small businesses at markets bringing interest to communal shopping, communities are exposed to good food that comes right from the land they live on. Fleet Farming also focuses extensively on training the next generation of farmers through their "Swarm Rides" program, free community events and their internship program to ensure a future of healthy, sustainable food production. 


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