Benefits of Greek Yogurt


Greek and regular yogurts start with the same ingredients — milk and bacterial cultures, but the benefits of Greek yogurt are why it's become wildly popular. While regular yogurt is strained just once during production, Greek yogurt is strained at least three times, resulting in yogurt that's substantially different and — many people think — better.


If you have yet to try to Greek yogurt, this side-by-side comparison with regular yogurt shows 5 reasons why so many people have made the switch:

  Greek Yogurt Regular Yogurt
Texture richer, creamy less creamy, more liquid
Flavor strong tasting, tangier (the thickness intensitifes the tartness) milder tasting
Protein 2.8/oz. 1.5/oz.
Sodium 10 mg/oz. 20 mg/oz.
Complex Carbs 1 g/oz. 2 g/oz.


Tips for cooking with Greek yogurt:

  • Try it with our Greek yogurt dip mixes — Mediterranean Herb, Southwest Ranch and Zesty Spinach.
  • Bring yogurt to room temperature before adding it to a hot dish, to minimize the chances of curdling. Add the yogurt after you remove the hot dish from the stove. (Higher-fat yogurts are less likely to curdle than low fat varieties, by the way.)
  • Add vanilla or almond extract and use to top gingerbread or as a dip for fruit.
  • Season with horseradish to make a shrimp dip.
  • Serve with fruit and toasted nuts for breakfast or snack.
  • Use in place of sour cream and mayonnaise in recipes.
  • Make a smoothie using yogurt and fresh or frozen fruit.
  • Replace cream with yogurt in dips, sauces, and salad dressings.
  • Add to guacamole to increase creaminess and tang.
  • Use as a marinade (in place of oil) for seafood and meat.
  • Use to top pancakes and waffles.
  • Add to mashed potatoes, along with parsley, pepper and garlic.
  • Use in place of sour cream on Mexican fare.
  • Sweeten with fresh or frozen fruit and pour into popsickle molds.
  • Make a Greek tsatziki by adding cucumbers, dill weed and sea salt.

Simply Organic recommends: For Greek yogurt that's organic and produced from cows that weren't raised on GMO (genetically modified organism) feed, we suggest Stonyfield Organic brand yogurt.

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