The Ultimate Holiday Cookie Recipe Guide The Ultimate Holiday Cookie Recipe Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Cookie Recipe Guide

Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit more than a homemade cookie — whether it’s stuffed with cream, infused with seasonal spices or decorated to perfection. As a home baker, you want to make something you feel proud giving to friends and family. But when it comes to holiday cookie recipes, you also need something that respects your limited time.

These recipes prove you don’t need to spend hours fussing with royal icing to create show-stopping, lip-licking cookies people crave all year round. All you need are a few high-quality ingredients.

Each of these recipes puts an exciting new spin on holiday classics like sugar cookies and ginger snaps. And all feature organic spices and flavors like Simply Organic Pure Vanilla Extract — rated the best pure extract by Cook’s Illustrated in 2018.

What’s going on your cookie tray this year? Dive in and explore these fresh and festive takes on holiday cookie favorites:


Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Breakfast + cookies. It’s a combination we can 100% get behind. We could get lost in the mesmerizing cinnamon swirl. But it’s the aroma that makes this recipe a true stand out. (Fact: it’s hard to be in a bad mood when your kitchen smells like cinnamon rolls.)


Eggnog Sugar Cookies

When people think of holiday spice cookies, the first ingredient that comes to mind is ginger — but there are endless possibilities for infusing your baked goods with other tasty spices.

These simple but flavorful cookies were made for dunking into a big glass of milk or (you guessed it) eggnog. And since they’re packed with warm winter flavor — hello organic nutmeg and cinnamon! — they don’t need any frosting or extra frills to make them complete.


Vanilla Snickerdoodle Cookies

Buttery, delicious vanilla-cinnamon cookies enhanced with fresh vanilla bean flavor — made easy thanks to Simply Organic Vanilla Bean Paste. Moist and chewy, these are great on their own — and delightful with home-made vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched between them.


Simple Sugar Cookie Bars

Take holiday sugar cookies to the next level with these light and fluffy cake-like bars topped with homemade frosting and crunchy sliced almonds. An easy and uncomplicated recipe that showcases a classic flavor combo — vanilla and almond extract.


Ginger Snap Crinkle Cookies

We challenge you to find a more perfect holiday ginger cookie than these game-changing treats that practically melt in your mouth. We’re talking crisp outside, chewy center and serious flavor, thanks to a kiss of organic cinnamon, ginger and cloves.


Coconut Mocha Sandwich Cookies

Every holiday platter needs a treat that goes BIG on chocolate. This is that cookie. The fudgy mocha filling sandwiched between soft, chewy cookies rolled in crispy coconut creates a perfect, irresistible texture. (In other words, better make a double batch!)


Red Velvet Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

These incredible looking (and tasting) cookies boast a gorgeous red color (from beet juice or natural food coloring) that will make your holiday platter really pop! The best part? They’re easy to bake and assemble. Make the dough ahead of time and refrigerate to make this recipe go even faster.


(More good stuff below!)

Bonus: Dip Your Cookies in These Slam-Dunk Winter Beverages

This adult version of your childhood winter favorite pairs tequila with dark chocolate, organic cinnamon and a kick of cayenne pepper. It might change the way you make hot chocolate for good! Alcohol is optional — omit the tequila for a version that everyone can enjoy.

This exceptionally rich, super flavorful and dairy-free eggnog has a dreamy texture and flavor, thanks to coconut milk spiked with organic cinnamon, ground cloves and nutmeg. Got leftovers? Use as a dairy-free creamer to give your coffee a little extra seasonal flair.

The perfect after-dinner treat to sip while you’re eating cookies — this decadent martini mixes white chocolate and coffee liqueurs with organic peppermint flavor and pure vanilla extract. The results? Sippable dessert. Finish with a peppermint stick for a festive garnish.