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Recipes made with Simply Organic Extracts & Flavors

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Simply Organic Extracts & Flavors
Moderate Almond Cookies 10-15 min 15 min
Easy Apple Cranberry Cobbler with Spiced Whipped Cream 30 min 45-60 min
Easy Applesauce Sorbet 10 min
Moderate Banana Pudding 10 min 20 min plus 2 hr to set
Easy Banana, Pineapple and Orange Smoothie 5 minutes 0 minutes
Easy Blueberry Super Smoothie 5 min
Easy Butter Glaze 5 min
Easy Buttercream Frosting 10 min
Moderate Chocolate Beer and Bacon Cupcakes 1 hour 1 hour, combined
Easy Coconut Chocolate Mint Custard 10 min 45 min
Moderate Cranberry Cream Tart 40 min 20 min
Easy Cream Cheese Frosting 10 min
Easy Eggnog Cream Pie 15 min
Easy Fruit Smoothie 5-10 min
Easy Lemon Glaze 5 min
Easy Maple Cranberry Almond Scones 10 min 45 min
Easy Mocha Nights 10 min
Easy Orange Ginger BBQ Sauce 5 min
Easy Orange Glaze
Easy Peppermint Cacao Smoothie 5 minutes 0 minutes
Moderate Pumpkin Cheesecake with Candied Cranberries 40 min 70-80 min
Easy Scrumptious Cardamom Skillet Bread 15 min 30 min
Easy Spiced Maple Pecan Pumpkin Bread 20 min 1 hr
Moderate The Devil's Chocolate Cake 15 min 40 min
Moderate Vanilla Cream Pie 20 min 20 min
Easy Vanilla Date Smoothie 10 min
Easy Vanilla Icing 5 min
Easy Vanilla Soda Bread 10 min 30-40 min
Moderate Vanilla-Orange Glazed Chicken 30 min 25 min
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