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New Simply Organic® Stackable, Self-Facing Shelving Loads Easily, Saves Labor

NORWAY, IOWA (SEPTEMBER 21, 2005) — Simply Organic®, Frontier Natural Products Co-op's all-organic brand of spices and seasonings, is offering an innovative, modular, stackable display for its Mini Spice line. The spices roll on their sides down a gravity-feed, V-shaped track to present product facings to consumers.

The displays bring a new level of organization to mini spices that benefits both retailers and shoppers. The space-efficient units measure 6 inches high by 12.5 inches deep and are modular to allow customization for any number of SKUs. The easily restocked self-facing displays reduce labor costs and automatically rotate stock. Each display's fold-down loading door faces the customer, providing a prominent labeling surface to display the Simply Organic brand and to identify the individual spices. Customers are presented with an attractive, neatly arranged grouping of mini spices, simplifying their hunt for particular spices.

Simply Organic Mini Spices comprise the first full line of certified-organic small packaged spices available nationally and is also the only line of minis offered in natural food stores. Simply Organic developed the 35-SKU line of smaller containers and line-priced them at $1.99 to increase turns and to ensure maximum freshness while providing an attractive option to new, light and moderate spice users.

The new displays answer retailers' needs for a clean-looking and efficient option for displaying the mini spices on existing store shelves in both natural food stores and conventional supermarkets.

Complete product and sales information is available at 1-800-669-3275.

Note to editors: Product samples and photos are available upon request.

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