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Grant Helps Native Allspice Farmers in Guatemala

guatamalaOn a mountain hillside in Guatemala, a small group of Cacualzul families work proudly on the land they now call their own. A major coffee grower originally owned the farm, and the parents of the families now working the land were his hired labor. But when the grower was unable to pay the workers their government-mandated bonus for several years in a row, he paid them with land. Now the families grow their crops on a hectare or so of land they each own.

A grant from the Simply Organic 1% Fund provided these growers with organic allspice seedlings. The farmers previously worked with only wild allspice trees, and they welcomed the easier management and better yields of the new trees. The grant also funded training in organic management, quality testing and recordkeeping, a technical consultant, and financial assistance with organic certification costs.

The families are enthusiastic about the new trees and the opportunity to improve their growing techniques.

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